Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hymn for the Transfiguration

Jesus, Walking to His City 

Jesus, walking to His city,
To the cross and death and grave,
Shows His chosen three apostles
God the Father’s pow’r to save:
Glorious upon the mountain,
Christ appears in light arrayed.

God once showed Himself to Moses,
Passing by the rocky height.
To Elijah, too, in whisper,
Not in storm or quake or might.
Now on Tabor, Law and Prophets
See their God in splendor bright.

Sign of all the prophets promised,
Christ in radiance glorified;
Sign of God the Father’s wisdom,
Which the Law long testified;
Sign of God the Holy Spirit:
Lord and Light and living Guide.

To the dazzling heights of wonder,
Call us, too, O Christ, today.
Let us see the hope of glory
Shining on our pilgrim way.
Lead us through Your Crucifixion
To Your bright and lasting day.

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Meter: Suggested tune: Regent Square, or others:
Dulce carmen Oriel Saint Thomas (Wase)
Komm, O komm Pange lingua Westminster Abbey
Lauda anima Picardy

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