Monday, November 13, 2017

The Bishops' November Meeting

I've been following the USCCB's November meeting, and found much that was truly edifying: the order, the reverence with which the prayers were read, the Apostolic Nuncio's exhortation to show the culture "the good, the true, and the beautiful," and the priorities of the bishops all seem so strong. It's really an exciting time, or as the nuncio said, potentially "a Kairos moment."

One very interesting thing happened outside the meeting, at the press conference after the morning sessions. A press representative from America Magazine asked whether divisive, renegade, misrepresentations of Catholicism, especially in social media, were being adequately addressed by the bishops.

Currently America Magazine's social media is running a headline quoting USCCB President Cardinal DiNardo, who laudably spoke about resisting division caused by hot-button issues.

It strikes me that America Magazine as a promotor of irenicism on hot button issues is an unusual role, and also that their call for more stringent episcopal oversight of independent uses of media is perhaps unintentionally ironic.

It is indeed an interesting time!