Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Is the Vatican listening to young people? Part II

The young man who questioned whether the final presynodal document accurately reflected the concerns expressed by his fellow young Catholics online has appended this note to the relevant paragraph:
(Edit: for those into online conspiracy theories, we were passed the phrase ‘Extraordinary Form’ by the Synod social media team, and we changed it based on the above translation issue, an edit among many. No Vatican cover up to see here folks.)
"Conspiracy theories" aside, it is nonetheless apparent that there exists for the benefit of the Church's bishops a huge amount of raw data, written by young Catholics, explaining to the listening Magisterium exactly what is on their minds.

Fifteen THOUSAND young people took time to express themselves in Facebook groups.

Edit: According to interviews conducted by Crux, volunteers reduced the 1000+ responses from each of the Facebook groups into summaries of only one (Portuguese) to three (English) pages.

This is more information than can be summarized for a working group, drafting three versions of a final document, in one week.

Since the organizers of the presynodal meeting are eager that the Church be "a transparent, welcoming, honest, inviting, communicative, accessible, joyful and interactive community," why not "listen," in a thorough way, to what these thousands of young people have said?

This would certainly be valuable information whether there were a synod or not. Shouldn't the Facebook groups'  input be given to an independent organization of sociologists, accustomed to transforming enormous amounts of raw ecclesial data into useful reports?

Edit 2: Crux reports today that the five volunteers who compiled the Facebook posts for their language groups mentioned "Extraordinary Form" 3 times in their summaries.
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