3 Replies to “The Extraordinary Form Captures the Imagination”

  1. As a longtime Commonweal subscriber, I too was surprised that Michael Wright’s article made the editor’s cut. To be fair, unlike some liberal journals Commonweal does engage in a wide range of opinions. (Retiring editor Paul Baumann’s recent and very well-written review of Rod Dreher’s “The Benedict Option” being a good example.)

    That being said, I’m sure the magazine’s upcoming letters-to-the-editor column will be filled with vitriolic responses. Mr. Wright should know however that there is at least one sympathetic subscriber. While not having an attention deficit disorder, I do find that attending an EF Mass indeed provides an inner quiet not experienced in the OF.

  2. that is if the schola sings beautifully, the priest sings beautifully, the actions at the altar flow smoothly, all present know what the Latin means, and the homily is short and conveys the sweetness of the good news. Then EF is not only relaxing, and beautiful but also inspiring. And so is a well done OF Novus Ordo mass in Latin.
    EF is no more than OF can be, when we ask for God's blessing.. ( I say this as a Latin chant practitioner with more than 50 years experience.)

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