Video of Church Music Association of America (CMAA) Annual Requiem Mass

Last week the Church Music Association’s annual Colloquium, held in Chicago on the banks of Lake Michigan, featured the annual Requiem Mass for deceased CMAA members. Francisco Elias Duran of the Dominican Republic graciously recorded the week’s liturgies and is making them available as they are produced and edited. This is the first of several that will be seen on these pages.

The musicians for the Mass are those who attend the Colloquium, conducted by Faculty members. Indeed, the greater part of the week’s events are rehearsals for the beautiful liturgies, with many added-value lectures, workshops, and tutorials. The Colloquium has a great feeling of community and is a refreshing week for musicians working to promote sacred liturgy in their local situations.

Details about membership in the Church Music Association may be found here.

An enormous library of absolutely free sacred music resources, including music for printing and fine books on the Liturgy, may be found here, here, and here.

And the archives of the Association’s beautiful journal, Sacred Music, may be found here.

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