Some Helpful Fiction

For those who would like a fruitful way to both think about the recent Church news and at the same time distract themselves from it a bit, I’d like to recommend one of C.S. Lewis’ lesser-known works, his Space Trilogy.

The first book, Out of the Silent Planet, is an enjoyable read and serves as an introduction to the rest.

The second book, Perelandra, is Lewis’ masterpiece. He thought it was worth “twenty Screwtapes.” I agree. Imagine a virgin world, a planetary paradise, with its Eve all alone with two Englishmen: one a tempter, and the other a Christian. The book is a long and lavish parable about the choice between obedience and prideful lawlessness.

The third book, That Hideous Strength, is much different and very dark, and engages themes of marriage and the use and misuse of sexuality, professional loyalty and its abuse, propaganda, coercion, and Christian community.  In particular it engages some ideas about professional life that are also found in Lewis’ lecture entitled The Inner Ring.

I offer these suggestions in case they are helpful. There are audio versions which are excellent.