Victimized again

In an unconscionable power play, today’s Vatican shenanigans have revealed the meaning of the much-bandied-about watchword “synodality.”

It is decidedly not subsidiarity. Rather it is centralization: an attempt to impose controlling structures upon most bishops by increasing the power of archbishops.

As a reporter at the news conference following this astonishing proposal pointed out, McCarrick was an archbishop. Law was an archbishop. One could go on and on.

There is a callous disregard for the victims of abuse here. Abuse is a weaponization of sexuality. Weaponizing a synod on abuse to achieve irrelevant and predetermined ends redoubles the injury.

St. Peter, pray for us!

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  1. … careful of knee-jerking reaction… read cupich’s presentation…
    avoid lumping problems into one category..
    mccarrick abused… law ignored… the boston globe adored shanley, til they turned on him…
    when reading articles, posts, best to take a derp breath… good for music & the mind & heart…
    let the synod complete the process and see what comes of that…

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