Clericalism and preaching

Apparently there is one of those tired ole envelope-pushing debates going on about women and preaching.

Apparently some would like women to preach at Mass. And I can only wonder why.

It seems the height of clericalism to suggest that preaching at Mass, which is reserved to the ordained, is a role to be coveted by those who are not ordained.

What is at stake? Doesn’t a lay person have many opportunities for preaching in daily life? Evangelization is not reserved to Mass, is it?

But perhaps this is not about evangelization. Quite possibly it is political.  It is most likely about making incremental changes leading to the toppling of structures. In which case it’s an anti-clerical cleralism, ironically devaluing the real accomplishments of lay people in the name of iconoclasm.

Personally I find Mass refreshing because it’s one of the few hours of the day when I can’t preach. There is so much to do for the Church and the world that one could preach all day and never fulfill the task. I find it’s helpful and rejuvenating to take that little break of listening, so beautifully tied to the Eucharist, because faith comes through hearing.