Christus Factus Est

This text encapsulates one of the most important themes of this upcoming holy week: Christ’s willing sacrifice on the cross for His (and our) eventual glorification. We could all do well to meditate upon this text as we enter this sacred week.

Christus factus est pro nobis obediens usque ad mortem, mortem autem crucis. Propter quod et Deus exaltavit illum et dedit illi nomen, quod est super omne nomen.
Christ became obedient for us unto death, even to the death, death on the cross. Therefore God exalted Him and gave Him a name which is above all names.

This text is specifically from the Palm Sunday Mass, Good Friday Liturgy, and for the office as well. It’s also used for the Exultation of the Holy Cross, and on Holy Thursday in the EF.

Verdi’s Requiem – Support Needed

A reader recently sent in this note about an upcoming performance of Verdi’s Requiem:

I represent the Community Chorus of Detroit. In a labor of extreme love and passion, we are performing the Verdi Requiem in mid-May at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit. I have initiated a Kickstarter project with a goal of only $6,000 to help cover the expenses of the orchestra and staging. We are commemorating the 16 performances of this great work by the victims of the Holocaust at Terezin in World War II. Please take a look at the project and the video and consider being a backer.

Click here to support them on Kickstarter

Magnificat Monday: Bach

Happy Monday! This one is a bit longer than the past ones. Magnificat in D Major by Bach, BWV 243. This one is quite a bit longer, almost 30 minutes!

Don’t forget: if you have suggestions for future Monday Magnificat compositions, feel free to send them to me by clicking here.

Secunda Anthologia Vocalis – 3 Voice Motets – Now in Print Again

For those who sing in and direct men’s scholas or women’s scholas, this collection of 3 voice motets and propers is perfect (the men’s schola I sing in uses multiple pieces from this collection). It’s been available online as a PDF for some time, but I recently reformatted it and got it up in multiple bindings for those who will use it frequently enough that a bound edition will be helpful.

Paperback | Hardcover | Spiral bound

More out-of-print books also available here.

Magnificat Monday: Grassi

The alternatim verses were composed by Ciro Grassi, the chant verses are tone VIII. I have also sung this piece many times with my local men’s schola, and it’s a joy to sing. Love your mother!

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Sheet music

Another Young Schola Takes Off

This is probably not a surprise to anyone, but in my area, I am involved in either directing or singing in several scholas and choirs, serving both forms (OF and EF) graciously. One of them I sing with every month or two in Milwaukee, WI, The St. Cecilia Schola, was invited to sing at an EF High Mass yesterday evening at the diocese’s basilica (if I had a sense of humor like Adam Wood, I’d be making umbraculum jokes right now…). I actually ended up directing the men for some of the pieces, as the normal assistant director fell ill, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about how surprisingly young the schola is! After a rough calculation this morning, I think the average age is somewhere between 25 and 30. And this is only one of the three scholas I know of first hand that have either formed or renewed within the past year.

As I discussed in a previous post, I truly believe that the upcoming revolution of sacred music will be largely lead by younger people, as they begin to learn more about the Church’s vision for music and liturgy.

I think I might be on to something here…stay tuned in the future, I hope to write more about this idea in the future.

The St. Cecilia schola cantorum

For those who are interested, here is what we sang:

Propers: Confessio (Men)
Ordinary: Mass XVIII (All, M/W alternating)
Processional:  Adoramus Te – Palestrina (SATB)
Offertory motet: De Profundis – Salieri (ST)
Communion: Panis Angelicus – Allen (Women)
During Last Gospel: Ave Regina Caelorum (All)
Recessional: Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days (All)

Magnificat Monday: Rome

This Monday’s Magnificat comes from St. Peter’s Basilica. It was sung for adoration during the time of sede vacante following Benedict XVI’s abdication. It was chanted to psalm tone II d. Don’t forget: if you have suggestions for future Monday Magnificat compositions, feel free to send them to me by clicking here.