“Banished Repertoire: Sequences”

Dr Jennifer Donelson’s presentation, during a break-out session, was, as one would expect from her, enlightening, thought provoking and, well… just plain fun.

She is a delightful and engaging teacher.

I was not the only one charmed by the sequence for St Nicholas’ feast day, (“…Who, whilst in his cradle lying, by observing duly fast/ Heavenly joys began to merit even at his mother’s breast.”* Who would NOT be?!!?? Imagine it, no, thanks Mom, it’s Lent, ya know, as he gently nudges away the proffered nourishment…)

But I was also not the only one disappointed that his rumoured pasting of Arius at the council of Nicea was not mentioned in the lyric, so I offer my humble contribution to the literature. (The meter, I’ve chosen, 10 10 11, is not one I associate with any tune I’ve ever heard, but the meter of the translation in the hand-out seemed to vary quite widely, so forgive me…)

Champion of orthodoxy, vying,
‘Gainst those foes, who, Christ’s Godhead denying,
Boldly, blindly followed errant Arius.

Nicholas in council was defending
Truth, with many heretics contending,
Landing blows with his fists and words, various.

*Digby S Wrangham’s englishing of the sequence.

Colloquium Vlog – Day 1

Well, everyone has finally arrived last night, and while unfortunately I forgot my camera at dinner, I did get it for some snippets of the organ concert by Dr. Ann Labounsky, followed by compline. Below are a few clips from both those events. and keep an eye on the Cafe tomorrow morning for clips from today!

Worse Than Halloween! Or Do I Mean, “Better Than Halloween”?

I remember excruciating delight when, disguised in some un-PC costume, (hobo? witch? pirate? how disrespectful to the homeless/wiccans/privateers! was I hobophobic?) when a householder, in answer to my cry of “trick or treat!” would offer me a choice.
Skor or Goodbar?
Circus Peanuts or Candy Corn?
Sugar Babies or Reeses Pieces?
It was simply too hard to choose, to have such an embarrassment of riches arayed before me yet not able to have them all.
Life was so cruel when I was a child.

Every June, I feel a bit the same way, when the repertory for the CMAA Collquium  is finalized- I want it all!

Morse or Hughes?
Kwasniewski or Mawby?
Wilko or Horst?

And as for the break-out sessions – I can’t even.

Get On Board with the Colloquium Now!

We’re in the 2-week countdown for the CMAA Summer Colloquium.  Regular registrations end on May 15th and after that it will cost you an extra Benjamin (aka $50) to register.
[Correction, thanks to Richard Chonak: – you can only save a Ulysses Grant!  But remember – this is the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.]

What could you do with that $50?  I can think of lots of musical purposes: a chunk of your meal plan, some of the nifty CDs that you’ll find on the book table at the Colloquium, drinks for the new friends you’ll make during the rehearsals or breakout sessions,etc.

Join us!  There’s no other conference that provides the variety and depth that you’ll find at the Colloquium:  chant, polyphony, practical instruction, and uplifting experience, world-class faculty, and the chance to join forces with peers who cherish the liturgical patrimony of the Latin Rite.  And lest I forget – the daily Masses that are so far from the “I-know-it’s-valid-but-boy,-it’s-painful-musically” world that many of us know.

Come to renew, rejoice, and restore your musicality and your spirit!  And do it now!
I look forward to seeing you there.

Don’t Forget: Early Registration for the Colloquium Ends in TEN DAYS

Have you been to the Colloquium before? Never been, but always wanted to? If you want to come this year, now is the time to get ready! For all the information you could need, visit the CMAA’s site here. In order to make deadline for the early bird registration, you must have your registration in by March 1, 2015, and you can save $50 from your registration fee. I’m currently working on my arrangements to be there, and I hope to see you there!

Check out all the old Chant Cafe posts on the colloquium here, including some videos I created last year, including the one below: