“The Sacred Liturgy Exists to Glorify God, Not Man”

Monsignor Charles Pope looks at funerals, and the misguided approach that has so damaged the Faith, (actually I could say it has, “Damaged the Liturgy, Damaged the World,”) and with which I’m sure, many of us in sacred music have had to contend.

There are many problems, both sociological, and liturgical, that combine to create an environment that not only obscures Catholic teaching on death, but often outright contradicts it.

He identifies four major issues.
Confusion about the purpose of a funeral can, lead to such situations as

  people arriv[ing] at the parish to plan a funeral, presuming that the funeral should be all about “Uncle Joe,” [and since] Uncle Joe’s favorite song was My Way… we want a soloist to sing it at the funeral.

I’ll admit I have played and sung music at funerals and memorials of which I am not proud…. you?