Adoro Te devote

In honor of Corpus Christi, I thought I would offer this basic explainer video on some of the doctrinal content of the Adoro Te devote.

1. With devotion I adore You, O God concealed;
Hidden under figures here, yet by faith revealed.
Even prayer is silent now. All my heart bows low.
Deepest truth is present here, more than minds can know.

2. Seeing, touching, tasting You–senses can deceive.
Hearing is the path of faith. This shall I believe.
Jesus said it; I believe. True His words must be:
God the Son, the Word of truth, must speak truthfully.

3. On the cross You only hid Your divinity.
Here You also have concealed Your humanity.
Yet I still believe in both, and this faith I say,
And the prayer the good thief prayed, this I also pray.

4. Thomas saw Your wounded hands and your wounded side.
Even though I do not see, I am satisfied.
Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God, gladly I adore.
Make me trust you, hope in you, love you more and more.

5. O memorial of the death of my living Lord,
Living Bread whose saving health human life restored.
Let me find my life in You, ever-living food.
Let me ever taste of You, knowing You are good.

6. Pelican, so full of love, Jesus, gracious Lord,
Wash me, cleanse me of my sins in Your blood outpoured.
All the sins in all the world that have ever been–
Just one drop is blood enough: all may be made clean.

7. Jesus, hidden from my eyes, bring me to that place
Where your saints in endless joy see you face to face.
How I long to gaze on you through eternity.
Blest are they who trust in you, and your glory see. Amen.

Translation c. Kathleen Pluth


New Eucharistic Hymns in Spanish

Fr. Andrés Ayala, IVE has composed four beautiful hymns, newly published by the Domenico Zipoli Institute as of June 2020. These are designed for use during meditative moments, such as the four outdoor altars of Eucharistic Processions, the processions themselves, Benediction, or within the Sacred Liturgy of the Divine Office and Holy Mass.

There are four hymn tunes:





Three of the four hymns are comprised of multiple hymn tunes, to provide variety in the considerable strophic length.

Most importantly, these Sacred hymns are written in the mind of the Church, both Theologically, after the high model of St. Thomas Aquinas, and stylistically, after the supreme model of Gregorian chant.

Humble audio recordings are provided by the religious family of the Servidoras, the Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara.


Hymn for Mary, Mother of the Church

Free from all stain of evil,
From sin of any kind,
Our holy Mother Mary
Was born of lost mankind.
The Father kept her pure
To bear His Son, Christ Jesus,
The Savior of our race.

Before the world was fashioned,
Before the dawn of time,
The holy God eternal
Chose Christ’s beloved bride.
He chose the Church in love
To sing the praise of glory:
The riches of His grace.

Mary shows forth the beauty
Of God’s eternal plan,
She guides the Church to heaven
As stars guide ships to land.
We follow her, secure,
Though darkness seems prevailing,
To God’s abiding place.

Freed from all stain of evil,
From sin of ev’ry kind,
Christ’s Church before the Father
At the appointed time.
O come, Christ, haste the day.
O bring us home with Mary
Before the throne of grace.

Kathleen Pluth

Copyright © 2005 CanticaNOVA Publications. Duplication restricted.

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