“Pie Jesu, Domine…..dona eis requiem.” BONK!

BLOG PHILOSOPHY CAVEAT EMPTOR: Remember we occasionally chat about “life” as well as liturgy. This is one of those posts.

As few of our readers would likely remember, our parish schola collaborated with another church’s chancel choir and our community college masterworks chorale and local symphony in the performance last Thursday of the Mozart REQUIEM under my baton. I still can’t find words to express the magnitude of the process and gratitude for the performance. The mere fact I can’t find words yet should be cause for great rejoicing!
Anyway, what with the compressed hubbub in our daily lives, the 24 hour news cycle that somehow manages to find at least three disasters daily to chew on, (which is news now, the wedding of the Royals or the Schwarzeggar/Shriver split?), and the good news of a full colloquium and gratis copies of BOTH the SCG and SEP, I thought it might be time to import yet another veddy British expression that would provide respite between our bonking our heads with our Illumined Manuscripts after each repitition of the Pythonesque litany.
Sally forth….

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  1. Wow that is such a great song. You know, there is some music that truly does this. Scott Joplin has this effect on me.

    also, the video is truly a testament to the power of music to change the culture and change the outlook – and in this way it is perfect thing to post here.

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