All Ukeleles Lead to …..

Really? Charles,
are you actually proposing that…? Really?
(Trying to sound as
authentic as Adam Wood.)
Well, I figure that we all need a good guffaw before we dig into Pittsburgh.

Lord knows, I know better than some what it means to encounter Pittsburgh up close and personal.
Thank you, Mercy Hospital.

This is wrong on many levels

And yes, I do have a “DimeBag Darrell” Ukelele for potential Big Island Liturgical Conference goes Heavy Metal sessions.
Do not mess with us Californians.
We know from assimilation.

But, suffice it to say that novelty and cleverness and innovation are conceptual.The lingua franca of our Church is in a whole other realm than of
Okay, if you have no sense of humor, then accept the reality that many of us have chosen that to unite our voices in a musical medium that no single person walking and listening to the songs of earth could possibly not recognize as a sacred expression directed to God.
That would be “The Chant.”
Ukeleles notwithstanding, and not necessarily optional.