“Northern,” no wait…”Southern Exposure”

Father Allan, ala in Rose, at St. Jos.’s Hall

Deep readers of this blog will already be familiar with this priest (pictured nattily this last Sunday afternoon after Sunday Mass and during his city’s Cherry Blossom Festival!). I must admit that I’ve so identified with his perspectives for two reasons. First, he approaches the profound issues facing the Church and her liturgies with an almost unbridled optimism. Second, he channels that optimism often in an unfettered and ironic iconoclasm while still respecting his philosophical opponents’ integrity and opinions.
This is my way of introducing and recommending Cafe visitors to also frequent Father Allan McDonald’s blog SOUTHERN ORDERS. You can read his bio and the sundry articles and take in his passion for life and all things liturgical there.
He came to my attention during the advent of our fellowes over at Fr. Ruff’s PRAY TELL BLOG, where Father Allan has attracted quite a share of detractors as well as supporters. Too many of the former likely regard him as the southern Fr. Zed, but I would debunk that by simply saying Father labors and chronicles pretty much in his own vineyard, and applies the “global” perspective to what matters in Macon!
I don’t know that he is a gastronome of Fr. Z’s stature, but he is tons of fun.
What is it about the South and the Catholic renaissance in the US? Auburn, AL., Macon, Raleigh, Charleston, Naples…. I keep telling m’ bride that if I go to the market and am not back in an hour to phone North Carolina!