Finally? Changing attitudes about the EF

Love the tonsures!

CRISIS MAGAZINE currently features an article by Steve Skojek provocatively titled “The Mass is not a spectator sport” which profiles the work of Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer, founder of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem (CRNJ)  at the Priory of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in CharlesTown, West Virginia.
Skojek’s particular observations about how his own experiences at worship among the nebulous (my term) “TLM Communities” have stood in stark contrast with those celebrated by Dom Oppenheimer, especially as regards imparting a sense of “joy,” resonated with my recollections of one of the EF’s celebrated at Pittsburgh last summer in which I, for health reasons, allowed myself just to be among the faithful and worship. And I wrote of that experience as so transformative in my own heart, which at the time became a child’s heart so enraptured and enchanted, in a post here at the Cafe.
I hope you all enjoy what Skojek and Dom Oppenheimer posit about reforming peoples’ attitudes rather than the normative model of reforming the liturgy as much as I. And might just there be a future in reshaping whole parish attitudes through this example of expanding the monastic “experience” to regular parish life and liturgy?
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