Submissions to Sacred Music Invited

As the longest continuously published journal on music in North America, Sacred Musichas an impressive legacy.  We’ve published myriad articles from outstanding scholars in our field, had a remarkable line of editors, and served as an important resource for parish musicians and scholars of liturgical music alike.

In order to continue this legacy, we invite submissions for publication, especially in the following areas:

          Sacred music repertory

o   Analysis of little-known works

o   Analysis of works in the “canon”

o   New insights into well-known works

o   The liturgical significance of a work(s)

          Articles of a historical nature

o   Documentation of liturgical trends/reforms

o   Original scholarship

o   Composers or compositions of significance


o   Insightful commentary about current trends

o   Analysis of the implementation of legislation of sacred music or liturgy


o   Book reviews

o   Hymnal reviews

o   Sacred music resource reviews

o   New music reviews

          Pedagogical essays

o   Choral, rehearsal, or vocal pedagogy

o   Helpful suggestions for parish directors of music


o   Contemporary composers of note

o   Clergy or leaders who are concerned with sacred music and liturgy


o   Reports from conferences, concerts, or liturgies


Submissions may be sent to and should be submitted as a Word document, single-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and embedded footnotes (no bibliography, please).  If images are included, they should be unencumbered by copyright (it is the responsibility of the author to secure reprint privileges in the case of copyrighted images) and at a resolution of 300 DPI or higher.  In general, the Chicago Manual of Style is followed, but with a few minor adaptations.  The complete style sheet and other helpful information may be found on the journal’s website at 

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and helping Sacred Music continue its proud heritage, we look forward to hearing from you!