Query: Who Can Provide An Analysis of the Ratisbon Ordinary?

Every since we posted the Ratisbon Gradual of 1871, I’ve been curious about the ordinary chants in this book. To what extent do they duplicate or depart from the ordinary settings we have in our modern chant books? I see similarities but I think it would require a real expert to explain it all. Is there lost knowledge here or just good riddance? Would love to hear from someone who knows.

Here is the Ratisbon Gradual. Chants of the ordinary appear at the back of the book.

2 Replies to “Query: Who Can Provide An Analysis of the Ratisbon Ordinary?”

  1. This would be a good example of what Gueranger described as “a heavy, boring succession of square notes, incapable of inspiring a single feeling and saying nothing to the soul.” haha

    Not sure what exactly you are asking for here… if you are wondering what the performance practice would have been for this, each square note would receive one heavy down beat and each diamond would be half a beat. Hope that helps. Dominus tecum.

  2. This was the common practice of singing during the time when Solesmes was making their restorations, before their methods really caught on. Some were attached to this way of singing and rejected Solesmes work and others were all to ready to leave this and adopt Solesmes' restorations and methods.

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