Amazing Gregorian Chant Tool

GABC Transcription tool as a browser extension in Chrome. Awesome.

Tons of features (well, considering it’s for Gregorian Chant engraving), including a really fast and easy way to produce notation for chanted readings.

These tools are also available in an online, in-browser version here. (For those of you who don’t use Google Chrome.)

Built by Benjamin Bloomfield, and apparently it’s been around for a couple years now- I feel so behind for just now finding out about it.

Very cool.

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  1. Wow, I guess it is more than 2 years now since I wrote this. I haven't really changed it at all in about a year, and I don't think I ever put a link anywhere to this documentation that I wrote around a year ago: but it may be helpful especially for documenting the readings tool.

    I had originally written this tool for my own use, and then realized it would be easy to make it into a Chrome webapp, and so I mentioned something about it on the Gregorio Users Forum at the time, but didn't know how else to publicize it.

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