Come, Holy Spirit

As a test of the new commenting system, let’s discuss which one of these is not an appropriate piece to program as the sequence this coming Sunday.

(Nah, I’m just kidding- use whichever one you feel moved to. 🙂 )

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  1. This IS a test of your local broadcasting company. In the event of the reunion of the Dameans, or a 50th annniversary concert or Mass featuring the music of Joe Wise, Ray Repp and Peter Scholtes……

    Oops, wrong test. We'll be warbling Richard J. Clark's sequence setting for the record!

  2. ok, we are back to square one with comments. Seems like a decent system, so here we are.

  3. oh wow this is great but the comments are displaying in reverse. must fix

  4. Taize, of course. Cantors do the whole text, and the people sing. No brainer.

  5. I hate Taize. The congregation sing a repetitive mantra which induces catalepsy. It is completely alien to the western chant tradition where attention to the words is paramount. It dates back to the 1960s idea that there is no such thing as objective consciousness. Pass the joint, man. Better no music at all than this rubbish.

  6. Taize is GREAT! It fccuses attention on the vocal soloists, the instrumental soloists and eliminates the need for a bulletin for people to follow. The vocal solos and instrumental solos are non-challenging, so there's no need for expensive trained musicians! They are a wonderful way to save money! The priest gets to sit there content that he's practicing good stewardship and getting full and active participation at the same time and….one more time, saving money!

    Why didn't the church think of this centuries ago….there must be a reason.

  7. John Paul II visited the Taize community many times, and supported their work. Also, Cardinal Joseph Raztinger gave communion to Brother Roger (founder of Taize, and a Swiss Refeormed layman) at the JP II funeral. I think I'll go with the opinions of John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger.

  8. Is the last one Taize? If so, it sounds like a latinized Kum by ya song fest.

    I don't know much about this stuff but I recognize sacred music which is beautiful when I hear it.

    If whoever said the Taise music was non-challenging has that right, if the third video is Taize. What a pathetic sound to accompany Mass. I'll take Praise and Worship music over that any day!

  9. Taize chants are used for common prayer, less so for Mass. They would be more appropriate for a Vespers with young people, or Adoration.

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