Keep Your Ears Open!

Every day I become more convinced that there’s always something new (and usually interesting) to hear.  Recently, I heard a wonderful alabado playing in the background in the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Definitely a must-have!  I only had to look through 30 or so CDs in the museum bookstore and the field recording from the Robb collection was mine.

This morning it was Margaret Rizzo’s Nada te turbe on YouTube.  Keeping that setting running in my head during an overly-jokey homily preserved my sanity.  I think everyone’s taken a crack at this text from Paul Ayres to Taize.  This is my current favorite.

The long-running Jesuit (no jokes about Jesuits and liturgy, please) Media Initiative’s Pray-As-You-Go has let me hear chant from Pluscarden and Glenstal, as well as Rizzo and the Senegalese Trappists at Keur Moussa.  If you don’t know it, check it out. The music, reading, and suggestions for meditation take a grand total of 12 minutes a day. Perfect for those whose contemplative style is like a hummingbird after a cup of coffee.

Maybe everything won’t be to your liking – so there’s always tomorrow.  And they link the music sources quite nicely.

Keep your ears open!  You might find grist for your musical mill, a new interpretation, or maybe just some peace of mind.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to this Jesuit website. I clicked on today's date and I was drawn down deep and then scattered. I will keep my ears open and my heart to the ever present balm of God in every corner of creation. God be with you and with your spirit.

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