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Chant Café readers will be well aware of the importance of Children’s Choirs for nurturing and developing the young through music and catechesis and for introducing them to Chant and other music worthy of the Liturgy. I invited NLM readers to submit details of choirs for children which I posted over there recently and I have reposted the list below. I hope that ultimately we can turn this into a directory on an official page somewhere. If you know of any choirs not yet listed, please add the details in the comments box. So far we have choirs in the USA, Canada and parts of Europe. Here is the list so far:

UNITED STATES (State alphabetical)

St. Clare of Assisi: a new children’s choir for students in grades 3-8, forming on the west side of the Diocese of Phoenix Arizona. The choir will specialize in Gregorian chant and sacred music. Contact is Director of Music Matthew J. Meloche

St Stephen the First Martyr Church: boys and girls are taught Gregorian chant and theory, modern notation and classic repertoire, theory and solfege. Choir is directed by Jeffrey Morse, a distinguished Chant expert and fine musician who many will know from CMAA Colloquiums. Contact Jeffrey Morse

Corpus Christi: The St. Cecilia Schola Cantorum offers a music education and choral experience which includes instruction in sight singing, theory, Catholic catechesis and Gregorian chant. The St. Cecilia Choir (7+ years) and the Mary’s Angels Choir (under age 7) rehearse on Friday afternoons. Open to non-parish members. Contact the director, Valerie Nicolosi, at Website

St Mary’s: Director of Music David Hughes, a key CMAA figure and leading Catholic musician has a huge music programme involving a number of choirs with excellent opportunities for children. Contact David Hughes Website

St John Cantius: The Holy Innocents Choir has nearly 100 children. Gregorian Chant and modern notation are taught, as well as catechesis. Rehearsals on Saturdays, sings at OF and EF Masses, Propers and Ordinaries; polyphonic mass settings; motets and hymns. Also occasionally sings the Divine Office with the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. Contact Director Br. Chad McCoy, SJC, email Website

Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church: Schola Cantorum founded three years ago as an “after school choir school.” 25 choristers and 8 probationers (lower parts are choral scholars from the local university) directed by Lucas Tappan. The Schola sings every other week for the sacred liturgy as well as for concerts and tours. This year the students will be recording their first CD. Contact Lucas Tappan Website

Regina Caeli Schola Cantorum: a Gregorian Chant class for children grade 3-8. Rehearsals on Mondays. Contact the Director Mia Coyne Website

St Jane Frances de Chantal: Parish Children’s Choir for children grade 3-8, rehearses on Wednesday evenings and sings for Sunday 10am Mass. Gregorian Chant and Hymns. Director Mia Coyne Website

St Paul’s, Harvard Square: home to the renowned St Paul’s Choir School, one of two Catholic Choir Schools in the USA. Musical boys in 3rd grade should apply for entry at 4th grade. Contact John Robinson, Director of Music 617-868-8658 Information Website

St Benedict’s: Children’s Schola for boys and girls grades 2-8, directed by Sandra Eller, to study sight reading skills using solfege, and sing Latin and English chant in modern and Gregorian notation. Rehearses Wednesday evenings, sings for Sunday Mass once a month. Contact Director Sandra Eller Website

Cathedral of St Paul: The Cathedral Choir School of Minnesota is an after-school program at the Cathedral on Wednesdays for Choristers in grades K-12, beginning with Benediction and concluding with Mass. Contact Jayne Windnagel Website

St Martin of Tours: a new children’s choir focusing on Chant and polyphony directed by Mary Pentecost, weekly rehearsals (Thursdays) and singing at a monthly Mass. Auditions for children in Grades 3-12. Contact Mary Pentecost (314) 544-5664 Information Website

Cathedral of St Helena: The St Cecilia Choir for boys and girls aged 7-15 sings once a month at the 11am Mass with weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays. Website

A new youth schola (12+ years old) directed by Dr. Patricia Warren to compliment Schola Vox Clara, a Schola which serves the Extraordinary Form in the Diocese of Raleigh. Weekly rehearsals to sing for one EF Mass per month to start. Mixed voices, and gentlemen with both unchanged and changed voices are welcome. No prior choral experience is necessary. Contact Dr. Patricia Warren,
Director, Schola Vox Clara

St Catherine of Siena: home of the Manhattan Catholic Children’s Choir for children aged 8-14, directed by Julie Woodin. Contact Information Website

Holy Family: Schola Cantorum sings at a weekly Diocesan Extraordinary Form Mass. Its members are girls and young women ages 14-23, who sing Gregorian Chant and Renaissance polyphony alone, and occasionally with a men’s Schola (in formation). Contact Fr. Stephen Concordia O.S.B. Website

Madeleine Cathedral: The Madeleine Choir School, a superb Cathedral Choir directed by Gregory Glenn with vocal training from Melanie Malinka, both inspirational musicians who are well-known to those who have attended the Colloquium the past two years in Salt Lake. Website

St James the Greater: a number of children’s choirs – Sacred Heart Choir for Kindergarten-Grade2, Saint Cecilia Choir for girls grades 3-8, Saint Gregory Choir for boys grades 3-8, Archangelus Chorale for high school students and Holy Trinity Ensemble, and auditioned choir for grades 5-12. Contact Director of Music Gary Penkala Website

Basilica of St Josaphat: a new children’s choir is being formed. Contact Christopher Berry Director of Music Website

The American Federation of Pueri Cantores Website


St John the Evangelist: Sacred Heart Choir School is a program for homeschooling boys and girls in grades 3-12 based at St John’s, an Ordinariate Parish. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact the Principal, Paul Hudec Website

St Michael’s Cathedral: St Michael’s Choir School for boys has three choirs which sing at the Cathedral: Elementary Choir (Grades 3 & 4), Junior Choir (Grades 5 & 6), Senior Choir (Grades 7-12). Contact Website

Oratory of St Philip Neri: The Oratory Children’s Choir – Children learn chanted ordinaries of the mass, English propers in psalm-tone and 2-pt fauxbourdon and motets from Medieval to 19th Century repertoire. Grade 4-12. Contact Oratory Music Director, Philip Fournier: Website


Notre Dame de L’Assomption 1er: Les Petits Chanteurs de Passy for boys and girls aged 8-14. Rehearses Fridays and Saturdays, sings polyphony with adult back row. Contact Website

Saint-Eugène – Sainte-Cécile 9e: Les Petits Chantres de Sainte-Cécile, a new choir for children launches at the end of September 2013. Rehearsals on Saturday afternoons. Contact the Director, Clotilde de Nedde Facebook Website

St Bavo Cathedral: The Koorschool is a Choir School for boys and girls from age 8. Contact Website

London Oratory SW7: The London Oratory Junior Choir for boys and girls aged 8-16 directed by Charles Cole. Three rehearsals per week and two services including the Sunday 10am Mass. Gregorian Chant Propers and Ordinary, motets from Medieval/Renaissance through to present day. Also sings for the Royal Ballet’s productions at Covent Garden. Contact Information Website

St Anselm’s TN2: Ordinariate SATB choir with some children which sings plainchant and polyphony directed by the composer Antony Pitts. Rehearses Thursday evenings and sings Solemn Mass on Sundays and Feastdays. Contact Parish Priest +44 1892 825009 Website

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    Saint Thomas Aquinas Children’s Training Choir
    For younger children in pre K through second grade who usually have little or no previous musical experience. They will learn beginning vocal technique, gain familiarity with the liturgy (Colors of the Liturgical Year and parts of the Mass), and focus on the fundamentals of music notation. Registration ends October 1st. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 4:10pm – 5:10pm in the music room. Rehearsals overlap for twenty minutes (4:50pm – 5:10pm) with the "children's choir" (grades 3-8) so that they have experience singing with older children. They sing for various Liturgies: All Saints Day, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Christmas Eve 4pm Mass, Easter Day 10:30am Mass, First Communion 10am May 5th and other celebrations TBA. For more information please contact: Brian Dean Sousa, Organist and Choirmaster, 434-293-8081 ext. 19.

    Saint Thomas Aquinas Children’s Choir
    For children who are in grades three through eight, have previous music experience, and exhibit the maturity required for a longer, more demanding rehearsals. Choristers will receive a review of all that is taught in the other choir and continue work on vocal production, learn the basics of sight-reading with solfeggio (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do), IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), and explore the church modes, scales, key signatures and begin to explore the many documents of the church that reference Sacred Music. Repertoire includes Gregorian Chant, Dominican Chant, hymns with descants, polyphonic works and many of the great works specifically written for children's choirs. Free private voice lessons for all members as well as free piano lessons for the first 10 to sign up who are in grades 3-8 and have not sung in the choir before. Registration ends October 1st. Rehearsals are Tuesdays 4:50pm – 6:20pm in music room with a ten minute break for a snack, which is also our ear training time. This choir will sing for: All Saints Day, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Christmas Eve 4pm Mass, Easter Day 10:30am Mass, First Communion 10am May 5th, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi and other celebrations TBA. For more information contact: Brian Dean Sousa, Organist and Choirmaster,, 434-293-8081 ext. 19.

    Homeschool CO-OP Gregorian Chant Choir
    For all homeschooled children from Pre-K through High School. To learn the basics of how to sing and interpret Gregorian Chant and Dominican Chant as well as learn the basics of vocal technique. This group does not sing at Mass. Fridays 10am – 10:55am in music room. Brian Dean Sousa, Organist and Choirmaster,, 434-293-8081 ext. 19.


    Blackstone Valley Catholic Youth Choir: Dedicated to the study of Gregorian chant, traditional hymnody, and sacred choral music, the BVCYC rehearses weekly at St. John's in Hopkinton MA, sings at the monthly EF Mass at St. Brendan's in Bellingham MA, participates actively in Choristers Guild and Pueri Cantores festivals, and performs concerts in Catholic venues throughout the Northeast. Contact Michael Olbash ( — listen at ” target=”_blank”>


    St. Peter Cathedral: St. Hildegard Cathedral Children’s Choir (Grades 2-6) Rehearses weekly, sings for Tuesday daily Mass each week as well as one Sunday per month. Emphasis on learning the basics of vocal production and musical theory, including note-reading and sight-singing, rhythm, and basic Sacred Repertoire.

    Magnificat Choir (Girls Grades 7-12) This girls choir is intended for those who wish to further musical study and utilize their musical gifts for the service of the Church and her Liturgy. They will sing a diverse representation of the treasury of Sacred Music and choral repertoire. Matching pitch is a requirement for entry to the choir, and will be tested with an entry audition. If one is unable to match pitch, independent study is encouraged.

    St. Gregory the Great Schola Cantorum (Men and Boys) A diocesan training choir for "Singing the Mass" and learning Gregorian Chant for all interested Clergy, men and boys across the Diocese of Marquette. Contact Nathan and Lisa Knutson –


    Saint Edward Catholic Church: Children's Choirs K-8. Weekly rehearsals. Schola sings weekly school mass.
    Affiliated with Pueri Cantores & RSCM in America. Children can sing four Gregorian ordinaries and several in
    English. Frequently sing treble lines with Adults. Participate in annual Pueri Cantores Festival. High school singers are encouraged to audition for the Adult Choir. A number of choral scholarships are available by audition
    to outstanding high school singers. Repertoire encompasses the great treasures of sacred music from chant to contemporary classical composers. For additional information contact Samuel P. Dorlaque, Director of Music at

    THE OUR LADY OF FATIMA CHILDREN'S SCHOLA for boys and girls (grades 2-6) sing hymnody, sacred chant in both Latin and English (modern and square note) and are learning to sing the Propers as well. Children also receive psalmist/cantor training. Rehearsals are Wednesday afternoons from 2:15PM – 3:10PM singing approximately one Mass per month. Contact Director Matthew Loucks at ” target=”_blank”>

  6. ST. PAUL, MN

    Church of St. Agnes: Children's Choir, Gr. 3-8, weekly rehearsals on Thursdays, 3:00pm – 4:30pm; open to all home school and parish school treble voices. Singers learn Gregorian chant in both neume and modern notation, music theory, and motets and anthems in both Latin and English. They sing once a month at the 8:30AM Sunday Mass. Director: Donna May, Website: ” target=”_blank”>

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