Taking it slow – Ensemble Organum and the Salve Regina

Marcel Peres’ ensemble is always showing us the relationship between the Byzantine and the Roman – something that both sides of that equation would often prefer to forget.  While we modern interpreters of chant, following in the Solesmes’ tradition, flow and float through the Salve Regina, here’s a very different take.  Is it “more correct,” more “historically accurate”?  I’ll just stick with “different.”  However, we should always remember that all our researches and reconstructions are only that – research and reconstruction.  The music has a life of its own.

3 Replies to “Taking it slow – Ensemble Organum and the Salve Regina”

  1. Thank you! This is a reason I love this site! Great musical thoughts, suggestions, interpretations, etc! I have done something similar with the Pange Lingua/ Tantum Ergo on Holy Thursday: We don't have basses that can sing like that, so I add on a pedal tone D on the organ and we sing the Tantum Ergo in parallel fifths (just one soprano and/or tenor on the organum part).

  2. Sublime. An entirely different "take" on the Salve Regina. The very slow tempo (and the Byzantine bass) is entirely contemplative – whereas in the standard Latin version the words of the prayer are more intelligible.

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