“We want people to have a richer experience”–Vox Clara meets in Rome

Christopher Wells of Vatican Radio interviews Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa about Vox Clara’s current working agenda, its goals, and Church matters in general.

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  1. It's always a caution when a church person says people need more education to understand something. I have no problem with a vocabulary more infused with Norman French derived words, though it strikes me as aristocratic and limited. My problem with the work of Vox Clara is twofold: they can't even follow their own hand-crafted rules, and their ability to express basic English grammar stinks.

    Vox Clara should be disbanded and replaced with a committee of lay experts in music, poetry and other forms of writing, and theology. These bishops lack cometpence in some or all of the necessary skills.


  2. Todd, what is cometpence? Is it a Norman-French-derived word? (Note the use of hyphens in English compound adjectives.)

    The non-hyphenated transitive verb "haendecraft," on the other hand, dates back to 1200 or so.

    Also, more infused than…??? (Your sentence seems to be missing a comparative term.)

  3. Let's keep to the subject of the post, and avoid the ad hominem, shall we? Isn't that what got your last thread deleted by Café master control?


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