Proper Chants for Thanksgiving (Roman Missal Antiphons)

Though it is not strictly a liturgical event to be observed, many parishes in the US still like to have music at their Thanksgiving morning Masses, and the new Roman Missal provides a set of prayers and antiphons for this day that many priests use.

That being said, the music books of the Roman Rite do not provide proper chants for that day, leaving parishes regularly singing propers without them. However, in the USA, the GIRM provides us the option of having the antiphons from the missal chanted as proper chants.

For those who use Simple English Propers, I’ve adapted the missal antiphons to the melodies found in SEP. You can find the entrance and communion antiphons below:

While the missal does not contain the offertory antiphon (therefore, this PDF does not either), you could chant any offertory antiphon you wish under. One antiphon I would put forward for consideration is the offertory from the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, In te speravi, which seems appropriate thematically appropriate.

In you have I put my trust, O Lord;
I said: “You are my God,
my destiny is in your hands.”

For those of you working in parishes with sung Masses or Masses with music on Thanksgiving morning, what are you planning on using?