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  1. Question: Why is the Gloria Patri omitted? Is this an option for the TLM? I ask because we just started doing TLM's at Advent (they will continue indefinitely) and I was told that the Gloria Patri must always be chanted during the Introit. Just curious if there was some historical significance to this way of chanting it.

  2. This demonstration recording was probably not made during a Mass.

    Someone else can comment on what is permitted in the EF, but omitting the Gloria Patri is an option in the OF, if the procession has completed.

  3. I had guessed that. I was just making sure whether it was a valid option for the TLM. Thanks!

  4. First of all, congratulations to your parish for starting not just EF, but even a Sung Mass.
    In the EF there is some freedom with music – the priest is obliged to recite the texts of Introit etc. but the choir would be free to replace it e.g. with a motet (not a good idea in most cases, but allowed).

    Therefore it is allowed to omit the Gloria Patri or even the verse from singing the Introit. However, given that the antiphon of the introit is normally much longer and 'heavier' than the verse there is always some imbalance between the two, and adding the 'Gloria Patri' to the verse makes it a bit more balanced – furthermore, one does not save much time by omitting the 'Gloria', and since members of the congregation will become accustomed to bow during it they will miss it, if omitted.

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