6 Replies to “In the Age of Francis, the chant is MORE beautiful than EVER”

  1. Is your comment meant to reflect on the posted video? I thought that the antiphon in particular was sung with obviously covered tones. The solo verses, while brighter, could not in any way be called "shrieking."

  2. Yep. Log onto the Vatican website at ” target=”_blank”>http://www.vatican.va You'll see the liturgical bulletins posted. I do notice that the Papal liturgies of Pope Francis do indeed include Gregorian Chant in Latin, and many times the whole Ordinary and Propers in Chant/Latin. SO, let us all imitate the fine example our Holy Father has provided!

  3. This is wonderful example of what can be done in the parish church, and one that any competent schola/choir could follow. Chant a cappella has such impact and it can be achieved with normal voices and there is nothing arcane about it. I believe the chant used this way attains a noble simplicity and sacredness that presents the fullness of the human voice as an instrument of worship of our Lord without embellishments.

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