3 Replies to “Nice. And for better reasons than they probably realize.”

  1. IMHO I think it would have been NICER if they had both Benedict and Francis together or better still The Pope Emeritus by himself. After all if it was not for his resignation Last February there would be NO FRANCIS to gush over. BTW in case you are not aware the FFI thing is getting worse and it is at an intolerable state now that a petition is being circulated that the new head of the order be removed. So until the FFI and even the nuns of that order get their justice according to canon law I am keeping this NICE new Pope Francis at arms length. That said I think it should have been Snowden but at least it was not Miley.

  2. Janet, the Pope Emeritus has no bigger fan than me (see dozens of threads below).

    Are you blaming Pope Francis in particular for the difficulties of the FFI? Are you sure that's fair? I'm asking in part because religious communities almost always experience painful difficulties as they discern their way forward.

  3. For the record, we have two fabulous Holy Fathers, both fine examples of Catholic leadership, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. So this is all a major blessing in my book. May we all have a most prayerful Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

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