Simple English Propers Accompaniments – Fundraising needed

As I’m sure almost every one of you knows, back in 2011, the Church Music Association of America released a book called Simple English Propers, which has ended up introducing the proper chants of the Mass to more English speaking Catholics than was ever expected. Copies are still selling, and many people and parishes are still just learning what the proper chants are.
Thanks to Ryan Dingess, organ accompaniments for the entire book have been completed, but he currently doesn’t have a computer to typeset them on (he has been writing them out by hand right now), and he needs funds to purchase a computer for engraving the music as well as covering some additional costs related to the production of this book.
If you would like to see an accompaniment book for SEP released, please consider donating to the crowd funding effort to get this book off the ground, and click the link below to support this book.