2 Replies to “Young Adults and Eucharistic Adoration”

  1. I've seen this as well, for which I am grateful. But unfortunately i've also seen a rise in "adoration" where there is no silence, but where our teens and young adults are dealt a dose of "praise and worship" music led in almost a concert-like fashion. I'm not saying this in and of itself is bad. But is it truly "adoration"?…

  2. Bill, I would say yes, it is adoration, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, because of the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. But also because I have seen firsthand some of the marvelous priestly and religious vocations that arise out of the praise and worship culture. The effect is particularly remarkable when the adoration service it is combined with opportunities for confession.

    While I do think young people are capable of silent prayer and don't need (or often even want) the kind of props that grownups want to impose on them, I do think that praying with praise and worship music can be very helpful for a lot of people, especially as they are being initially drawn away from sin and towards God.

    On one college campus I know of, the praise and worship + confession adoration was much better attended by the undergraduates than the silent adoration the following night.

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