New English Propers for the Ascension of the Lord

Many will remember when videos for my book Simple English Propers were posted here on a weekly basis. This effort was grass-roots in every way, and did much to spark a renewed interest in chanting the Propers of the Mass throughout the English-speaking world.

Now, I am extremely excited to begin sharing some all-new recordings and videos from the Lumen Christi Simple Gradual—the work that has grown from and followed SEP. These simple, yet enduring chant settings are also found in the Lumen Christi Missal.

The antiphons of the Lumen Christi Simple Gradual have the benefit of being in accord with the new translation of the Roman Missal, and are arranged with the realities of parish life in mind. Accompaniment editions can be freely downloaded weekly at the Illuminare Score Library, and both Assembly and Choir Editions are now available for purchase.

Please enjoy these recordings, which are more than mere demonstration videos. I hope that they will also serve as helpful weekly meditations on the scriptures and on the proper texts of the Mass, so that we can continually strive to pray with the Church.



OFFERTORY ANTIPHON, God Goes Up with Shouts of Joy

COMMUNION ANTIPHON, Sing Praise to the Lord

Or: COMMUNION ANTIPHON, Behold, I am with you Always

One Reply to “New English Propers for the Ascension of the Lord”

  1. I'm really psyched about these propers – they're in English and they're teachable but not dull. More than punctums; just a nice dash of neumes. And because they're easily learned in terms of the notes, the director cn really work on developing the sense of forward movement that is essential if chant isn't going to fulfill everyone's worst expectations that it's drippy and dull.

    And I think the recordings will be a great help in building that sense of lightness and wonder that makes chant the delight it should be.

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