Simple English Propers Accompaniment Editions now Available

As many of you may remember, Adam Bartlett’s Simple English Propers was a product of this blog right here, the Chant Cafe, as Adam posted them weekly, received feedback, and people began using them. Then after they were published, Jeffrey Tucker posted weekly rehearsal videos for quite some time.

Now, organ accompaniment editions have been born out of another one of the CMAA’s sites, the MusicaSacra Forum
Thanks to the tireless work of Ryan Dingess who has also been posting files of accompaniments weekly, the full year’s cycle is now complete. It is split into two editions: one containing Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, and the second with Ordinary Time, Feasts & Solemnities, and Ritual Masses. 
And just like Adam has done with his editions of SEP, Ryan has also released the editions to the world. 
Purchase: Volume I | Volume II
Download: Volume I | Volume II
The revolution of sacred music marches on!