Questions from Fr. Smith’s wonderful plenum address

In order to verify Scelata (G’s) beatific review of a hamburger heaven two blocks down on Ohio St.,

“Punch,” I decided to set out early in search of the perfect burger (I’m really not a burger guy!) *       I thought I could fisk out some thoughts and concerns on the Cafe that Fr. could take or leave and answer here, if he chooses.

Concerning ambivilence-
*Why did Father Smith demur that Sacrosanctum Concillium could have been the crowning achievement of liturgical legislation from 1903 through Mediator Dei to that watershed document?
*That Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI articulated  his opinion that the “doings” of those crafting further documents (ie. MS and the Pauline Missal) was the provenance of a “virtual” council (a Bizarro  Council?) and that the real, true council had started to emerge in the wake of decades of disastrous results in ecclesia, that inference seems to subtlely challenge the licety of the process and misapplication of SC in real praxis, doesn’t it?
*And roughly around the same time as Joseph Gelineau made his infamous quote of the death knell for the Vetus Ordo, saying it was essentially dead, buried and forgotten, the equally famed “Agatha Christie Indult” provided an abrogation of the constitutional integrity that progressives such as Gelineau and others championed. Why were there no bells, whistles and sirens going off then as we were “slipping into darkness?”

Juridical pressure-
*The Millenial generation may be forecasting and projecting fearless audacity since Summorum Pontificum. But even prior to HHFrancis’ ascendency, innumerable individual bishops and conferences have inculcated suppressive atmospheres towards the faithful priesthood of all Christ’s people, locally and globally. And recent, newsworthy sanctions reported in Catholic Blogdom have mitigated an even more subdued sense of a burgeoning grass roots movement.

*What the heck happened in seminaries between 1966-75 with the Boomer generation of clergy besides the Baltimore guys strumming new tunes out for Mass in the crypt churches? Roger Cardinal Mahony wasn’t the only prelate (nor Weakland) who influenced my generation’s clergy to be so openly disdainful for chant, Latin, ars celebrandi and their trappings in so uniform a mindset that I’ve encounter for over three decades. Were the “Greatest Generation” of priests who murmered thousands of Low Masses from the Depression forward form the Boomers to embrace the cult of the NO and make it their (and THE PEOPLE’S) own? I know plenty of now-deceased SJ priests who not only helped open the windows, but almost were iconoclast-happy to break the stained glass with bricks we’re now picking up and recycling.

Lastly, Fr. made no mention of the current crop of bishops nor the USCCB’s seemingly AWOL effect upon the national sensus fidelium regarding worship. What is up with that do you think, Father?

Thank you for a most stimulating and challenging address.

*PS, I had the Thai Peanut Butter Ground DUCK (well done) with pepper jack. Oh my.

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  1. "Why did Father Smith ameliorate…?" I'm not familiar with this usage of "ameliorate" (to improve, to enhance, to amend). What did Father Smith do?

  2. I probably should have thought longer for a more apt verb. "Could have been" seemed to soften the import or declarative percussiveness attending "THE crowning achievement." Little help appreciated, Kevin.

  3. Instead of "plenum" address, shouldn't it be "plenary" address? At any rate, I'm sorry I had to miss it.

  4. Geez Chuck and Kevin, I feel like Star Trek doc Bones McCoy, " Darn it, Jim, I'm a choral musician , not an orator!";-)

  5. Sorry, Charles. I was serious, though, in wondering what you meant to say with "Why did Father Smith…?".

  6. I am confused. Who is Fr. Smith and where might I find this plenum address?

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