3 Replies to “Raising Funds for a New Organ?”

  1. Please tell us all the name of the organ builder that includes these indispensable organ stops. Including these in new and old organ specifications will surely raise the organ to an even greater sense of "pride of place". Additionally, having these stops listed in fund raising materials should have donors fighting each other to get their checks and cash along with stock dividends to you molto vivace. 🙂

  2. Our parish (Holy Trinity Parish Church, Diocese of Iba, Philippines) is also trying raise funds to acquire an Allen Chapel Organ to replace the casio portable keyboard we have been using for more than six years. Beginning last year, I developed a 30 piece childrens schola for the parish and gradually work towards restoring gregorian chant and polyphony in the liturgy. Our parish pastor (also the Director of the Commission on Liturgy of the Diocese) saw the positive effect of Gregorian chant that he decided to start celebrating Mass in ad orientem. He plans to celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass soon. To further this effort, I proposed to replace the portable casio keyboard with a digital pipe organ with the possibility of expanding to a real pipe in the near future. To date, our parish is the sole parish in the Diocese of Iba where regular Saturday sung Vespers and Mass is celebrated in ad orientem and with latin and Gregorian chant. Having a pipe organ will raise further awareness among other parishes in our Diocese on the value of a Holy Mass celebrated according to the norms of the Holy Mother Church.

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