Lost & Found Department

Would the denomination to whom this theology of the table belongs please claim this hymn?

It seems to have gotten lost and was found wandering aimlessly around in a hymn collection intended for Roman Catholic use.

Thank you for your cooperation.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: For identification purposes, please be advised that this text is bilingual, expressing itself in both English and Vietnamese. Thank you.

7 Replies to “Lost & Found Department”

  1. The author must have worked hard to avoid using the words of Scripture and saying the words "body" and "blood". With all respect, this song could have been written for a UCC hymnal.

  2. I was thinking of asking the UCCs, but then I thought, what if the text is too vaguely religious for even them? What then?

    To whom shall we go?

  3. Kathy, it's not as though Ricky Manalo is unapproachable (he visited us, full disclosure, in Dec.)
    Why not engage him directly, as you do your faithful followers with your hymns? Not criticism, just for consideration.

  4. Charles, once my hymns are published, they are available for public criticism. But much more importantly, they have a public influence on the people who not only read them, but personally sing them. It is a huge responsibility.

    That is why before publishing my first collection, I ran all the texts past at least a dozen theologians of my acquaintance and took their advice, particularly regarding dogmatics, very seriously.

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