6 Replies to “A glorious sound!”

  1. They look as if they are feeling and loving every word that comes from their mouth. Just heavenly.

  2. There is an arrangement of this at 231a in the St. Gregory Hymnal (1920). However, the bridge is absent in that version. It is identified as a "Portuguese Melody." No composer listed.

  3. Most of the singers are indeed smiling! And they know it well. It is simple in a good way and makes me happy.

  4. Don't they realize this is verboten by "progressives" as they should be singing Negro spirituals or something!

    Thanks for sharing this marvelous music

  5. This motet was a favourite of parish choirs here in the British Isles until swept away by winds of Vatican 2. Interesting
    that it has survived in former British possessions in Africa. A former member of our parish, a Nigerian, told me that it was the first thing he learned in his church choir at home as a boy. I think the attribution 'Portuguese Melody' probably has something to do with being sung in the Portuguese Embassy chapel in London before Catholic Emancipation. Another possibility is that it was sung in the English Seminary in Lisbon and popularised by returning priests ordained there.

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