Printed as Preached

In all my travels I have been blessed to find in every place faithful priests who are wonderfully capable, each in his own unique way, of showing forth the beauty of our splendid Catholic faith.

Most recently I’ve crossed paths in a number of ways with Fr. Cávana Wallace, a priest of the Diocese of San Diego, the pastor of a large parish with reverent liturgies and, as usually follows from reverent liturgies, a flock full of young happy families.

Fr. Wallace’s exemplary homilies are posted on his blog Printed As Preached, which I recommend. Here are a couple of samples:

If the Almighty God who created the immense universe out of nothing and filled it with so much, in all its splendor and all its terrifying and most beautiful complexity – If God, to whom the whole cosmos is but a speck of dust, became smaller still and allowed himself to be vulnerable, not afraid even to be mothered by a young girl, God asks us too, do not be afraid of becoming little. And as if to assure us even more, Christ places his arms around the little child. Allow Christ to protect you. If God who is unimaginably bigger than the whole universe can humble himself to become a man, can we not humble ourselves to be like a little child – his little child?


And so, at this wedding banquet of the Lamb, where heaven and earth are joined, we are reminded that the Mother of the Lord is also an invited guest, as she was at the wedding feast of Cana. She is our wedding planner, working behind the scenes making sure all is ready. She points us in the direction of her Son and tells us, “Do whatever He asks of you”. That we may enjoy the banquet, numbered among all the saints of heaven and earth, we listen to Him and with him, we raise our glass to holiness, sanctity and to a new life worthy of the saints. “To the Bridegroom and His Bride forever!”

Much, much more here.

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