Dreaming of June and Making It Happen! Colloquium 2016

Yes, it’s cold and miserable in many parts of the country.  Wherever you look, it’s Shrove Tuesday and everyone is making lists of what to give up and take up. Choir directors are girding their loins for the rehearsals and performances that won’t end until the other side of Easter. 

But wait!

Why not lift your eyes and think of June 2016.  Yes, the 2016 CMAA Summer Colloquium will be upon us “before you can say Scat with your mouth open.” (Don’t ask me what that means!)

From June 20th to June 25th, we’ll be gathering in St. Louis, Missouri.  Easy to reach from north, south, east, west, and middle.  Home of beautiful churches. Splendid Masses, great faculty, uplifting plenaries, a concert at the renovated Main Library, a convenient hotel for our housing and sessions. Everything a music-loving Catholic could want.

And – Early Bird (like the one that catches the worm) registration ends March 1st. Why not go for it? Save some money for a good dinner or put it towards your transportation.  You can learn everything you want to know over at Musica Sacra. And it’s also a wonderful way to make new friends, see old ones, and reinvigorate your musico-spiritual life.