FIUV Position Papers for Edification and Enjoyment!

I always like finding things that if they are not precisely “new,” they are new to me.  There was an interview today on La Lettre de Paix Liturgique with the new president of the International Federation of Una Voce.  The new president, Felipe Alanis Suarez called attention to these interesting position papers on the Extraordinary Form.  They are interesting in both their texts and their footnotes – attention footnote groupies!

You can also enjoy scrolling down the sidebar and seeing past presidents and “movers and shakers” of the movement, including Dr. Borghild Krane, a Norwegian psychologist and, gasp! a woman.

From the website of the FIUV

Here’s the link – certainly worth a glance. And if you don’t have time for the Internet rabbit hole right now, bookmark it for future enjoyment!

3 Replies to “FIUV Position Papers for Edification and Enjoyment!”

  1. Just out of curiosity, are you trying to caricature or perpetuate sexism with that "gasp!" business? And here was naïve me thinking we had moved beyond all that.

  2. Thank you for posting the link. Giving the paper "The Manner of Receiving Holy Communion" a good read. Cheers!

  3. RRice: To suggest that those of us who have found a home in traditional liturgy have actually resolved the concerns of the majority of contemporary Catholic women is indeed naïve. In fact, it is one of several hot button public relations issues we have yet adequately to address. In an age when women earn more doctorates than men – including the sciences, serve as CEOs of international corporations and head governments, the all-boys club nature of our movement (I’ll posit The New Liturgical Movement as exhibit A) continues to haunt and inhibit its best efforts. Granted, the CMAA has done much to improve a bad perception. The colloquia would never have gotten off the ground without female organizers and participants. But to make significant inroads in the much wider, predominant Catholic culture, women are necessarily going to have to assume a much greater role as frontline spokespersons. I will further argue that they will most likely be better at it than men who too often come across as judgmental, closed minded, sexually repressed, and severely allergic to dialogue.

    Mary Jane: I apologize for diverting from your excellent post.

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