“Which Hymn Is Your Heart Singing?”

I was amused at the conceit, and so intended to post a link to a quiz at EpicPew with that title when I saw it.

However, upon completion of the quiz, the song, (not a hymn,) that it assigned me was so dreadful, and every single possible alternative offered so shudder-inducing, that I will not, (but it will be easy enough to google if it interests you.)

When I’ve recovered I may go back and take it again, and see if it’s my own fault, if the suggestions for some better person might be finer hymns.

But the question intrigues me.
Weekday Mass of late has featured both the spoken propers and a hymn or two, (and then, mirabile dictu, the Marian antiphon to close!)
Anyway, I’m feeling warm fuzzies regarding hymn singing and I’m curious – what hymn is your heart singing?

Not “do you like,” not which tune sets your soul dancing, but which text best expresses the feels you’re feeling – and is it always the same one?

Mine is My Song is Love Unknown, but only the first 2 verses most of the time, and to some joyous, mystical tune that I can’t actually hear – somehow it is ebullient, lit by fireworks rather than candles. (Very unsuitable, I know. It just makes me so danged happy.)

So what’s yours?