Wyoming Catholic College Announces Fellowships for Sacred Music

Professor Peter Kwasniewski sent a note about his college’s program of music scholarships, so we pass it along for interested readers:

Since its opening in 2007, Wyoming Catholic College has always supported a strong choir program and a men’s schola. On average, about 40 students participate in the choir, and about 10 men in the schola.  

The choir practices cover more than repertoire: we work on voice production, solfege, music theory, and some history and theology, especially as regards the liturgy (we sing for both EF and OF Masses). Schola practice, too, delves deeply into the structure and “rhetoric” of the Proper chants for Sundays and Holy Days so that we may sing them better. 

Students who have prior experience playing the organ are given opportunities to play at Sunday High Mass, and if they are good enough, they can receive a work-study scholarship for this position. In addition, students who can play instruments well are included in small ensembles for performing Renaissance and Baroque music during liturgies, paraliturgical functions, and social events. 

Recently it was decided to go one step further. To attract musically talented students who wish to study at a Catholic liberal arts Great Books college, WCC is offering an indefinite number of “Pope Benedict XVI Fellowships for Sacred Music” for qualified applicants. The fellowship is a merit-based grant given to freshmen who can demonstrate musical talent, experience, and interest, and who are planning to sing in the College Choir and/or Schola. 

For more details, visit this page, and look under “Fellowships and Merit Scholarships”:
Please address inquiries to Trevor Lontine, Director of Admissions, at trevor.lontine@wyomingcatholiccollege.com.

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  1. What a wonderful idea!
    Is there also a women's schola? At my parish (FSSP) girls and women are also educated in the proper chants and sing them regularly. I would want to pass this info along to them.

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