California Missions Music Presentations – Santa Clara, CA

Friday, October 6th – Recital and Presentation, 6pm
    Works by Sancho, Sumaya, and Gozos to St. Joseph and the Blessed Sacrament. 
    “Choral Repertoire of Colonial Latin America and California Missions:
       an examination of style, repertoire, and “Gozos”, the hymn of praise.” – Dr. Craig Russell

Saturday, October 7th – Feast of the Holy Rosary
  Mass for the Feast of the Holy Rosary with music by Zipoli, 8am
  Sung Rosary with Children, 9:30am and 11:45am

4 Replies to “California Missions Music Presentations – Santa Clara, CA”

  1. I am confused….the IVE has a Institute (The Zipoli Institute) to teach and spread sacred music but at their parish in Santa Clara, Ca they just have sing-along with me at their masses! Why?

  2. I believe you have answered your own question. The Institute’s purpose is to promote Sacred music, as there is such a need to teach, inform, and promote the good, true and beautiful.

  3. I am Patsy Busi at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shreveport LA.
    Our Diocesan choir is scheduled and being promoted to sing some early spanish music of the New World at a Vespers service on Dec. 12th , on the feast of O.L. of Guadalupe . The music director from one of the churches was going to prepare the music for us to learn. and he is gone. We haven't a clue where or how to find this music. We need something fairly easy that our choir can learn . We are thinking it would be in Latin.. Please , can you give us advice? or tell us where we can find this music? I have an idea that this is the Gregorian Chant taught at the California Missions.
    Thank you so much.

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