Is the Vatican listening to young people?

A member of the preparatory commission reflects:

On the journey, I checked in with the online community in the Pre-Synod English group and discovered a very different dialogue going on to the one present to us. There was a huge online community asking for the Extraordinary Form to be represented in the document, and I realised going through these comments that we as a writing team had not been shown the wealth of online commenting. We were given only a summary of these comments, and so I was saddened to see that many in this group felt disheartened or not listened to. I had turned to my Lebanese and Latin American editing colleagues and had asked them if the phrases ‘Extraordinary Form’ or even ‘Latin mass’ translated for them. They both said that they did not know what I meant, so I included the phrase, ‘reverential liturgies’ hoping to express those things, but looking online, I really saw that the document would have been different had the online world been represented properly.

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2 Replies to “Is the Vatican listening to young people?”

  1. Is anyone really surprised to learn of this? It's been five (long) years of obfuscation and re-direction of what many faithful ask and what is published/disseminated by those in leadership.

  2. Extremely disappointing, but not surprising.
    Well, wait… yeah, I’m surprised they didn’t distribute photos of the facebook discussion with all the parts that didn’t fit in with the Synod’s pre-determined conclusion blurred out.
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

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