Sacred Music at Dunwoodie

If this has already been posted I apologize,  but the summer sacred music courses at Dunwoodie sound too good to miss.
The principles of Sacred Music program would be of benefit to virtually anyone in parochial music, including, (shh… don’t tell anyone I said this,) Praise & Worship or  liturgical “folk” musicians

Almost  indubitably anyone reading this already knows of Jenny Donelson, oops, sorry, Dr. Jennifer Donelson, but if you don’t I can’t recommend her highly enough as a teacher, (a break-out session she gave at a CMAA Colloquium about liturgical Sequences is one of my highlights of over a decade of Colloquia.)
An interesting facet of one offering is the online/on campus components, and omigosh you underpaid Church musicians! Just LOOK at the inexpensive room and board, (I don’t suppose they have enough room for the colloquium ever?)