Sunday Confession Schedules

As I’ve argued on these pages many times, parishes seeking to improve the spiritual lives of their people should make time for Confessions on Sundays, at the convenience of the sheep.

The National Catholic Register makes the argument here.

4 Replies to “Sunday Confession Schedules”

  1. A church near me (UK) om weekly notices sheet states confession at two churches (some miles away) but if you insist I will take confession from you – or words to that effect! It fails to mention a Franciscan church which is much closure, which does good business in confessions. Shortage of clergy does impact upon availability.

  2. The NCRegister writer assumes his readers live in dioceses with an abundance of clergy. It is a common practice where I live for the priest to arrive a minute before Mass begins and to depart as fast as his vestments can be removed. He's got another Mass in another town and no time to spare.

    Those of us with traditional liturgical leanings may be wistful, but we've got to be realistic too.

  3. Our parish offers confession on Sunday, and there are STILL no attendees who avail themselves of this gift. Amazing.

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