Catholic Youth Respond to Pre-Synod Document

So many young Catholics have fallen and continue to fall away because they were not spiritually fed. Whether they know it or not, all youth search for beauty, reverence and prayerful stillness which the modern world can not give them. While the Church should have been their sanctuary, it was unable to remain steadfast, and ultimately has become as loud as the world. This can be seen by the huge numbers of youth the Catholic Church loses every year in spite of her ongoing efforts to retain them by making the liturgy “relevant”. So many go through the classes and receive all their sacraments, only to fall prey in high school or college to the desires of the flesh or modern disdain for religion. We desire the beauty of the Church’s traditions, not out of nostalgia for lost beauty, but because we recognize both their inherent value and their strength as tools for catechesis and evangelization. We have unearthed treasures seemingly lost to us for so long, and we deeply desire to share them with the world, especially with fallen away youth. 

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