A “work from home” opportunity

One of the pandemic’s most interesting results is its effect on teleworking. Apparently many employers intend to continue telework even after the current crisis has passed.

It seems to me that this is an opportunity for the Church to give intentional thought to renewing and expanding its in-person programs.

The large numbers of working mothers during the last several generations has produced an inertia among families’ attendance at evening and weekend events. Workplace interactions have largely supplanted the need for the social life provided by clubs and other activities. Parents have been relieved to have free evenings for downtime, and sleep-in weekends.

All of this is changed by telework. Having been home all day in front of a computer screen, parents may well be ready for alternatives to the extension of screen time with tv. This is good news for the Gospel, which, although lately very well supported by online apostolates, has always thrived most on communal presence.