“Introduction to Liturgical Mystagogy”

This evening Deacon Daniel Galadza gave the first in a series of lectures on Eastern Catholic theology, and spoke about the ways in which the Byzantine liturgy includes commentary on itself, with sung elements that instruct the faithful about the meaning of the rite while it is happening.

A fine example of this is the “Cherubic Hymn”, sung as the priest begins the offertory procession called the “Great Entrance”.

We who mystically represent the Cherubim
and sing the thrice-holy Hymn
to the life-giving Trinity,
let us lay aside all earthly cares
that we may welcome the King of all,
invisibly escorted by angel hosts, alleluia.

Dr. Galadza, associated with St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church near Toronto, was a prime mover behind 2019’s “SingCon” practicum for Ukrainian Catholic musicians, which was also reported here at Chant Café.

The talk begins at about 15 minutes into this video, prefaced by an introduction to the Chicago-based Lumen Christi Institute, which is presenting the series; and by a prayer for the late Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, a scholar in biblical languages and a friend of the Institute; I remember him for his contribution to pro-life efforts during his studies in Boston, and I commend him also to your prayers.