Msgr. Wadsworth of ICEL Attends Papal Mass

Here is an image of Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth at the Papal Mass at Westminster. He is the head of ICEL who delivered this fantastic speech in Atlanta only last month. He is second from the right in the red vestment, looking forward.

2 Replies to “Msgr. Wadsworth of ICEL Attends Papal Mass”

  1. JT:
    I understand you had dinner a while ago with the Msgr, along with David Haas and (do I remember?) Jerry G. of WLP. Is that correct?
    I've been dying to know what such a table-full would talk about, given the wide disparity in philosophy and approach.

  2. We had a lovely evening. David and Jerry are highly knowledgeable, talented, and experienced in ways I could never be. Msgr. Wadsworth is playing a providential role in the history of our times.

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