Those ICEL Chants and Their Status

The Authentic Update has it right that ICEL is putting a very strong push behind the Missal chants. No question that their use would amount to a vast upgrade in most parishes, and represent a big improvement over the current missal. Whether they are what they should be, and what effect their use would have in a parish that is already singing the Latin, is another issue.

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  1. Cross posted at/from Authentic Update.

    All very good concerns.
    But, while reading the sequence of specific concerns, a sort of counter intuition nagged at me. With the sole exception of the FEL/Chicago copyright debacle, has there ever been any major policing of actual copyright or practical abuse of "intellectual property"?
    With the advent of the Xerox and the PC, the cassette player/RECORDER, Napster ad infinitum, has there been anything other than an economic shift of profit previously "assigned" to one entity being transferred to another entity? Do we buy more or less "duplication paper" now than we did 50 years ago? When Napster converted to "pay per" out of a huge legal decision, did that stop illegal duplication of digital IP? No, and ITunes et al will continue thriving until the next paradigm shift, when something else will materially benefit.
    My point, and I do have one, is that the "curiouser and curiouser" factor is simply, well, a curiosity as regards the adherence to a mandate superimposed upon the liturgical practices of English RC Christendom.
    Whom will the Papal Nuncio dispatch to Dr. Jerry and Alan Hommerding to give them a "cease and desist" order regarding the publicity and distribution of their revised Masses?
    I completely understand the frustration among all the interested clientele about MR3's whole schtick, and thus far it strikes me funny because it seems so, well, inept.
    If there's something about Vatican II that ironically might have come out right, is that we, from bishop to PIP, have direct access to the tools, the craft, the distribution and use of musical art and chant that can effect our worship towards the "sacred, beautiful and universal."
    What ARE they gonna do about it, sue us?

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